Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reading Room TIME WARP "Survivors"

Even in the future, there's one inviolable rule about volunteering...
...never, ever, do it!
I love switch-endings.
Writer Mike W Barr and illustrator Tom Sutton do a bang-up job worthy of the classic EC comics Weird Science and Weird Fantasy!
The late Tom Sutton was both extremely versatile and extremely under-rated!
He did everything from humor (Not Brand Echh!) to sci-fi (Star Trek, Planet of the Apes) to romance (Haunted Love), to horror (Werewolf by Night) and did them well.
There's a wonderful interview with him HERE that gives real insight into him and why he, sadly, never became a superstar.
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Monday, September 25, 2017

Trump Reading Room aka the OutHouse HILLBILLY COMICS "Saturday Night at Shootin' Creek"

What do Deplorables do on weekends?
...perhaps what this never-reprinted tale from Charlton's Hillbilly Comics #4 (1956) extrapolates!
Illustrated, and probably written by Art Gates, this text story about the MacSleezys (whom we've presented HERE, and HERE) is typical hillbilly humor, playing up their illiteracy and violent tendencies...aspects the Deplorables take pride in!
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Sunday, September 24, 2017

One-Stop Halloween Shopping at SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT!

Ah, Halloween...
One of our favorite times of the year here at Atomic Kommie Comics™!
And what better time to promote the ghoulish goodies of Seduction of the Innocent™ including Halloween-wear t-shirts, mugs and reusable trick-or-treat tote bags?
SEE: the moody moonlit graveyard of the full-color Italian poster for the original Night of the Living Dead!
SEE: the kitchy graphics of the rarely-seen Astro Zombies poster (believe it or not, the film was PG)!
SEE: the koolest ghoul of all...Vincent Price, on the classic poster for the original House on Haunted Hill?
And let's not forget
The Green Slime!
Last Man on Earth AND Omega Man!
The ORIGINAL Demon Barber of Fleet Street!
I Married a Monster from Outer Space!
The ORIGINAL Little Shop of Horrors!
Occhio de Uccide!
They Came from Beyond Space!
AND (You knew we had to have this one)  
Plan 9 from Outer Space!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Reading Room 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY "Marak!" Conclusion

...20,000 years ago, before recorded civilization, barbarian Marak captures an old man creating scientific miracles...who takes the barbarian to the "speaking stone" that inspires his wonders...the Monolith!
The fearless warrior touches the mysterious obsidian slab and...
This tale contains several "firsts"!
The first two-part story!
The first non-movie story featuring several characters in a time-frame interacting with a monolith!
(usually, it's only one in each era!)
The first story to not transition between time-frames, with the entire tale taking place in one era!
Next Friday...the next issue...and more "firsts"!
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